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I lived a charmed life as a child and young adult.   It wasn’t until well into my twenties that the tables would turn for me.Years of not understanding the emotions that I was feeling and why they were affecting me so strongly left me confused, depressed, and looking for answers.   Years later I realized that I was an Empath with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. I also had the ability for mediumship, communication with our loved ones who had crossed over and with our spirit guides.  It took some time to understand that this was not a curse, but that it was a blessing. I was given a responsibility to try to understand these gifts; to help me, my children and others.

I started out on an amazing journey of self-discovery, and now have a strong understanding of the purpose that God and the Universe have for us in this world. I know with all my heart that I was sent to help you understand the tools that we are all blessed with in order toJourney make this life an unbelievable experience.

Our life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished. This is a temporary stop in our journey and we need to savor every moment. My wish is to combine my wisdom, experiences and abilities in order to help you heal, and to coach you in finding your soul’s purpose.

  • Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Life Coach
  • Certified Medium LWISSD
  • Wife and mother of twoIntuitive Reader~Mediumship healer
  • Author – “A Cursed Blessing: My Empathic “

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