Kelly thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me. I connected with several of my loved ones on the other side of the veil. I was in awe at how certain items and events that I was reminded of, brought laughter and joy to my heart.

Dr. Stacey Maxwell

Kelly answered a burning question for me that I was wondering about since my mom passed many years ago. People tried to answer this question, but hearing it from Kelly, I really believe that it was coming from my mother. I would recommend that you attend her workshops, because Kelly is doing this for you (not for her).

Joan T.

The reading I had with Kelly was impromptu, and coming from Kelly who knows nothing of my family, turned me from a person who believes that readings are merely educated guesses to realizing that Kelly has real talent. She changed my life forever.

John H.

I lost my mother in November 2014 and Kelly connected with her and also with my brother who passed away 25 years ago. Kelly told me things that only my mom and brother would know. She helped me in my healing process. She was like an Angel.

Joanne C.

Kelly allowed me to connect with my dad who passed from cancer a few years ago. She knew things about him and our relationship that I never mentioned. Being able to connect with my Dad has finally given me peace. She has helped me to see the bigger picture and that there is life on the other side; that my Dad is waiting for me.

Kristen J.

When I met with Kelly I felt very relaxed. My brother came in and I was overwhelmed. He shined through to Kelly, but not about how he died but how he lived his life. She told me how she was feeling about how he died, and I was in tears. Such a rock was lifted off my shoulders. My Dad came through during this, and what she told me that he said to her, he told me all the time. They were his words and not hers.

Charlene D.