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Intuitive reading and Mediumship Healing:

These are readings in person or on the phone. I will connect to your loved ones who have crossed the veil, or to your spirit guides. My intention is to give you healing, by providing evidential proof from your love ones. By connection to your spirit guides I can provide you with heartwarming priceless advice, that is specific to you and your situation.

When I work, I will be connected to a higher realm, and I will communicate to you and to them. I will sketch the visions that I am seeing and take notes of messages that are being passed down to me. The sketch will be yours, for your personal healing.


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Intuitive Healing Charm:

These are personal handmade silver healing charms. They are available by request. Please contact me for details.

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Book Sales

Author signed “A Cursed Blessing”

It is my hope that my Autobiography will give you a good understanding of how I re-discovered myself and how blessed I was to have found my path. I want to share this amazing journey that I am on, and the miracles that have happened to me in my life. It is my intention to help others to have a greater understanding of this world that we live in, help them understand their challenges and to let them know that they are not alone. The purpose of writing about my personal pain and happiness is so that I may help others to avoid some of the heart ache and trauma in their life, as they discover their own path.

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Private Events/Scheduled Workshops

Private Group Readings or Private Workshops can be tailored for your needs and scheduled to be held in your home, office or other locations. Please contact me for details

Scheduled Workshops are planned workshops with specific themes of interest.

Please see Event/Workshop page for upcoming workshop dates and details.

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