As everyone is unique, every session is different.

A private session starts with a topic that you have decided to work on. The topic may be something you want to change or improve in any area of your life, a new manifesting, a trigger that has come up, or a pattern that you may have noticed in your behavior.

During the session, we identify limiting beliefs, energy blocks, subconscious blocks, old resentments, trauma, negative feelings, or anything that is holding you back, keeping you stuck or in discomfort in any area of your life.

After identifying these patterns, we work on the digging process, which is a questions and answers process. Once the blocks and imbalances are clear, we release all the energies and beliefs that are no longer serving you and recreate new beliefs and programs in the subconscious mind. Using different tools and exercises, this modality helps you heal emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

The session lasts up to 1-1:15 hours and may be performed in person or online.

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Private Session

Session lasts up to 1-1:15 hours.


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With a 1-year commitment we offer monthly membership for only $40 and get 2/m FREE EXTENTION.


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Here at Intu Healing, we offer sessions on a pro bono basis for clients who, at the moment, can not afford to pay the hourly rates. Please consider applying for consideration into the pro bono program. I reserve 6 sessions per month for pro bono sessions. Please explain below the reason or topic of your session.

The pro bono program is made possible so that everyone is welcome here at Intu Healing.

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